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Traffic Tip Tuesday – May 21, 2019

Traffic Tip Tuesday is brought to you by Ryan Waller with Home Group Realty.

First responders, including police, fire, and ambulances need to get to their destination as quickly as possible to save lives and deal with a wide range of possible problems.

As drivers, we can contribute to the safety of both first responders and other motorists.

When the emergency vehicle approaches from behind you must slow down and check all the traffic around you.

Once you spot a clear path to the shoulder, flip on your blinker or your hazard lights and make your way over to the right. Sometimes it may mean clearing an intersection, to help the responder get past.

Remember that first responders may travel in groups so check for additional emergency vehicles before pulling back into your travel lane.

And…pay attention!

Talking on your phone or texting is dangerous and illegal, and you may not hear or acknowledge the emergency vehicles until they are being passed.

Also, modern vehicles are so thoroughly sound-proofed that many first responders’ sirens are not recognized until the emergency vehicle is close.

Today’s Guelph Road Safety Traffic Tip has been brought to you by Ryan Waller, Sales Representative with Home Group Realty & real estate writer for Guelph Today. Check out


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