Niall Horan Reveals His Girlfriend’s Reaction To Him Writing Songs About Her

Niall Horan’s girlfriend, Amelia Woolley, has had a lot of songs written about her.

The One Direction hitmaker chatted to ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman about his new album The Show, which is out today.

As Hoffman mentioned there was a lot of relationship material on the release, Horan replied, “Yeah, 100%. I’m in a relationship, so I think that comes with .

“Usually it’s the love songs are heartbreak songs, so it’s nice to be able to write better, you know, more happier stuff.”

Horan added of how his girlfriend feels about the songs being written about her, “I think she’s just like, what? Really? She’s like, taken aback, I suppose.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Horan discussed whether he is surprised by the amount of demand for a One Direction reunion.

“Not surprised, but I do get asked it, uh… every day,” he said, revealing his usual responses: “I don’t know anything about it. There hasn’t been a conversation. And I’m sure if there ever is one, you’ll know about it. That’s kind of the answer every time.”

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