Kanye West Claims Celebrities Are ‘Controlled' In Wild New Interview

Kanye West continues to generate controversy pretty much every time he opens his mouth, and that held true when he spoke with reporters outside a church on Saturday, Nov. 26.

As TMZ reports, West touched on a lot of topics during the brief interview, including being dropped by Adidas and Balenciaga due to his antisemitic statements, his belief that celebrities are being “controlled” by some unseen force, his belief that America is “a Christian country” and urging Elon Musk to reinstate Alex Jones’ Twitter account.

“We saw Adidas freeze my accounts,” began West, wearing a “Ye24” jacket promoting his just-announced 2024 presidential bid.

“We saw me get de-banked,” he continued. “And you think, if that can happen to someone like me, what’s happening to all of America?”

won’t reinstate Alex Jones,” West said.

“Alex Jones is a Christian that you have a person who doesn’t believe that Christ is lord going to buy an American media outlet and picking and choosing who can be on the platform and who can’t,” he added.

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