Youth advocate says N.B. should revisit decision to end COVID restrictions in schools

WATCH: In a report released Friday, New Brunswick’s child and youth advocate called into question how Public Health came to the decision to drop all COVID-19 protective measures in schools last month. His recommendations include the return of protective measures until there;s more analysis – but with the government not bound by those recommendations, substantive changes look unlikely. Silas Brown has more.

New Brunswick’s child, youth and seniors’ advocate says the province should revisit its decision to lift the COVID-19 mask mandate in schools.

Kelly Lamrock made the comments in a report issued today, saying the government took the decision without providing the evidence, projections and measurements to justify it.

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Lamrock says the government had relied on what other provinces were doing, adding that neither the chief medical officer of health nor the Department of Education explained the evidence behind the move to lift restrictions March 14.

He says the government should revisit its decision and put in place a plan to monitor student safety and staff absenteeism.

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Lamrock says the government’s decisions should take into account the rights of children and be based on data.

He is also recommending the province create a strategy to increase the vaccination rate of children aged 5-11.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 22, 2022.

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