Cher Isn’t About to Admit Her Crush On Christopher Meloni To James Corden

It’s not a crime to appreciate Christopher Meloni’s acting talent.

That’s what Cher stressed during her appearance Wednesday night on “The Late Late Show With James Corden”, where the host read off one of her late-night tweets about the “Law & Order” actor.

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“Christopher Meloni is excellent. A charismatic actor,” her tweet read.

Cher explained, “Well, I think I’d seen his new show, and I like that show. I think that it’s an excellent show, and underrated, and the acting is really good. And I thought that he added something to the show, to ‘SVU’, that kind of left. So when I saw him in this show, I thought, ‘Good on you, and I’m glad you’re back.”

Corden then asked, “You’re not saying it because he’s your type or anything.”

“I knew you were gonna say that,” Cher said, to which the host responded, “I’m just saying, he’s a dish.”

“Well, you know just because someone is an excellent actor, doesn’t mean I wanna jump on their bones and roll him around in the carpet,” she told him.

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“Sounds like you’ve really thought about this,” Corden laughed. “Nobody here mentioned carpets.”

Asked who actually is her type, Cher said, “Well, I’m not telling you b because you’re such a big blabbermouth.”

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