The Ongoing History of New Music, episode 870: Lost Canadian bands part 3

There are a lot of things wrong with Facebook–don’t get me started–but there’s no denying that it can be addictive. Who doesn’t like finding out where people from your life have ended up? High school people, those from university, folks from the home town and places you’ve worked. And with more than two billion active monthly users, there’s an excellent change that everyone you’ve ever known has a Facebook account. This this where-are-they-now thing doesn’t have to be restricted to people you know. You can lurk on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and any number of other social networks to track down the current whereabouts of just about anyone. And that includes musicians and bands that seem to have dropped off the radar. For example, whatever happening to some Canadian alt-rock artists from the 80s and 90s that seem to have since disappeared? What are they doing now? Well, I’ve done some lurking. Here’s what I found out. Songs hear on this program:
  • Odds, Heterosexual Man
  • Holly McNarland, Numb
  • Northern Pikes, Teenland
  • Wide Mouth Mason, My Old Self
  • Sons of Freedom, Mona Lisa
  • Jakalope, Feel It
  • Skinny Puppy, Dig It
  • Slowburn, Whatever
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