Ford vs. Chevy argument leads to stabbing, woman being shot 5 times during family dinner

An argument over which car manufacturer produces better vehicles resulted in a woman being stabbed and shot five times during a family dinner, prosecutors said.

Officers with Bedford County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia responded to a domestic disturbance call late last month. According to WSET-TV, a prosecutor said Mark Edwin Turner was at a family dinner on April 22, when he began to argue with his girlfriend’s adult son about the merits of cars made by Chevrolet vs. cars made by Ford.

Bedford Commonwealth’s Attorney Wes Nance said the argument between the pair began outside of their home before it quickly escalated, the news station reported.

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“The allegation is that there was alcohol involved and a dispute began against Logan Bailey, the son of the girlfriend, and Mr. Turner about what type of vehicle is best: Chevy vs. Ford,” Nance said.

Nance said Turner allegedly brandished a knife and his girlfriend tried to get between to the two men.

“The evidence would be that Mr. Turner got so upset that he brandished a knife, that Ms. Bailey got between Mr. Turner, and Ms. Bailey and was actually struck with the knife, causing about a six-inch injury,” Nance said.

According to WSET-TV, Turner then went into his home and came back outside with a gun and again confronted his girlfriend’s adult son.

“It’s then alleged that Mr. Turner came back out and approached Mr. Bailey. Once again, his mother tried to intervene between the two of them,” Nance said. “During that time, she was shot a total of five times — all of those injuries occurring to her legs.”

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The son was also shot once in the arm, the news station reported. Both suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

According to the News & Advance, Turner went back into the house following the alleged shooting, as police officers arrived to the home. According to the newspaper, there was a short standoff between the suspect and police before officers managed to arrest Turner without further incident.

Turner faces a weapons charge and two counts of malicious wounding.

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