WWE Hall Of Fame Moment Ruined By Idiot Fan

It has been a while since I watched wrestling but when I heard “The Hart Foundation” was being inducted I paid attention.

Brett “Hitman” Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart were always a great watch.

Sadly Neidhart passed away a little over a year ago and was represented by his daughter.

The Hitman himself is a cancer and stroke survivor who was deserving of the honour he was getting.

Then some dimwit rushes into the ring and tackles him.

Many likely thought this was scripted, this is wresting after all.

When the big screen went dark and the many security and police and wrestlers all rushed the idiot it became clear this was no act.

You see the numb skull take many forms of shots from the mat to the walk out of the arena and he deserved each one of them in my opinion.

Regrettably now when we think of this night or the “Heart Foundation” we will think of this loser.

I hope we can erase this clown form WWE folklore soon.

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