Stick to your New Year's resolutions with these apps

If you made a resolution for the new year, have you kept to it so far?  Whether you answered yes, or no to that question, I’ve got a bunch of mobile apps to help you stay, or get back on track!


For this blog I’m going to match up the 4 most common resolutions from 2018 with some of the top apps in their respective category.

Eat Healthier

If you want an app that’s not just about telling you what to eat, or not to eat, this one might be for you!!

The best part of My Fitness Pal is that it has its own fitness social network. You can connect with other users, exchange updates, and receive encouragement for reaching your goals. You also get a food diary to log daily meals, and a calorie counter for millions of different food items.

iOS / Android


Get More Exercise

The Nike+ Training Club app includes more than 100 workouts designed by professional trainers, with video and audio guidance for workouts of different lengths.

This app performs best for full-body strength training.  For aerobic exercise, try using the Nike+ Run Club

With either these apps Nike never pressures you to upgrade to a paid version.  Everything that you need is included free!

Training Club – iOS / Android

Run Club – iOS / Android


Save (more) Money

If you Google financial apps, the top one on pretty much everyone’s list is Mint.  It links to all your financial accounts, which allows it to provide you an accurate and detailed picture of where your money is going.

Mint categorizes your spending, creates a budget, regularly checks your credit score, reminds you what bill payments are due and will notify you if it detects any strange activity in your accounts.

iOS / Android


If you don’t want a financial app that links to your financial accounts and is focused more on saving, then GoodBudget might be a better choice for you!

GoodBudget is based on the ‘envelope method’ of saving money that was popular back when people used cash for most of their purchases.  Each month the app lets you put a maximum amount of “cash” into virtual envelopes that are each allocated to things like groceries, gas and entertainment. During the month you only spend what you have in each envelope; if there’s any left over you can put it into savings.


Focus on Self-Care

This is a very broad category, with a lots of different aspects to self-care, like learning how to relax, improving sleep, or developing better habits.  One app that can help with the the first of those two, is Breethe.

There are a lot of guided meditation apps out there, but I picked Breethe because it’s completely, and forever free!  There’s no special subscription to unlock certain features.


Breethe can guide you through daily mindful meditations, sleep meditation, morning meditation, on the go meditations, or meditations for whatever you’re dealing with, like dealing with anxiety, stress, physical pain, burnout, or weight loss.

iOS / Android

Two other apps which can help you stick to self-care resolutions when it comes to creating better habits are Stickk and Habitica.

Upon signing up for StickK, you create a commitment contract with yourself and the app to reach your goals, you can even bet money on yourself.  For added motivation, you can assign a friend or family member to check your data to ensure you’re on your way to reaching your goals.

iOS / Android

With the RPG video game inspired app Habitica, every completed task levels up your customized avatar, giving you an extra incentive to stay motivated.  You can even join friends and complete quests and missions together. It’s not just video game inspired, but is a game in itself.

iOS / Android


Just remember, if you fall down, get back up and try again.  Eventually you’ll achieve your goal and be a better you for doing it!


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