Why it's so hard to tone your arms

Tips on how to attain perfectly toned arms

For anyone trying to tone their arms, it’s not just you — it can feel like it takes forever.

Consistency and variety are key, said Geoff Wintonyk, an instructor at Fit Factory Fitness based in Toronto, but at times trying to tone arms (in particular) gets frustrating.

“There’s a common misconception when training arms that if you want toned arms, you have to train arms the most,” he told Global News. “As long as you’re consistent with your workouts and switch up exercises, toned arms can be achieved in minimal time.”

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And when you focus too much on the arms, muscles don’t get a chance to rest.

“Rest and letting muscles cooperate is essential to muscle development, toning, growth and strength,” he added. “You have to remember it’s your body, so your muscles will react differently to certain exercises … many are too impatient when they fail to see instant results.”

Common mistakes

Women’s Health magazine noted form and posture while doing arm workouts is also important. “People are often hunching over in planks, pushups, and lat pulldowns instead of having a neutral spine,” personal trainer Lauren Williams told the site.

For arm workouts, make sure the shoulders and chest are open, and roll back your shoulders through sets if you need to.

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“In other cases, people may not know what works best for themselves due to lack of knowledge and don’t have the confidence to ask. However, a major reason is the inability to switch up exercises. It’s not a mistake and can be easily fixed and avoided,” Wintonyk said.

Lifting weights

We usually see bodybuilders doing bicep curls or presses with heavy weights, and this doesn’t mean you will get too bulky.

“Weightlifting is beneficial to overall health and strength. While doing any sort of pushing exercise, for instance, a chest press and shoulder press, your triceps are actually activated while assisting through the press,” he said.

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“Vice versa for the biceps. When doing any type of pulling exercise like a seated row, or lat pulldown, your bicep is activated and assisting through the pull. So you can see that when training big muscle groups, which is typically done often, your arms are getting a workout, too.”

Make the most of your time

Your workouts should include working out all your muscles, through classes, strength training or going to the gym.

“The best ways to tone arms are to complement big muscle exercises with smaller ones for the biceps and triceps. Focus on what works best for your body arms,” he said. He added boxing can also help.

“Mixing boxing into your workout regime will definitely help improve your ability to tone your arms. The speed and power that is associated with those punches comes from the legs, shoulders and the arms.”

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Focus on high repetitions and don’t forget proper form.

“It’s all about that mind-muscle connection.”


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