SNL: Bill Hader plays 'Canadian Harvey Weinstein,' producer Thomas Logan

Bill Hader guest hosts SNL, playing a producer who is deemed the "Canadian version of Harvey Weinstein" and who can't be sorry enough.

Canadian movie producer Thomas Logan, played by Bill Hader, can’t be sorry enough for his role in creating a Canadian #MeToo moment on this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

Here’s how the skit went down.

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Logan appears on the CBC evening news hour to discuss the accusations, where he admits to all of them and apologizes to viewers.

“I definitely abused my power,” Logan relents.

The host, Cecily Strong, then asks Logan to tell “folks at home” what he did, exactly.

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“Yeah I had this assistant and I was really inappropriate, saying stuff like ‘you look nice today,’ or ‘what kind of sunglasses are those?’ You know, really pestering her. So, I just went ahead and resigned,” Logan explained as he described his discretions.

The newscast continues, saying that since Logan has been exposed as a monster “by Canadian standards,” he’s taken his name off several of his greatest hits including Y’Don’t Say? and It Happened at Tim Hortons.

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The interviewer then brings Logan’s assistant, played by Heidi Gardner, out to provide her account.

“I’m minding my own when Thomas walks in and says, ‘that’s a nice sweater you got there.’ And I’m thinking, that’s a bit forward,” Logan’s assistant explains.

Both Logan and his assistant agree that he apologized, but as anyone would do, Logan still reported his own actions to HR, and resigned from his position.

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However, he explains that the HR lady felt so bad about not having seen this coming, “so I resigned and then she resigned,” Logan said.

To top it all off, Logan’s assistant felt so guilty about how it all turned out, that she too wound up resigning.

The host then brought out the Canadian band Arcade Fire, who all apologized individually for having recorded a soundtrack with Logan … once.

Near the end of the clip, the host apologizes to the band for having to wrap up the broadcast, who are all incredibly sorry to have held her up.

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