Human Trafficing Awareness Day 2019

The second annual Human Trafficking Awareness day in Ontario is February 22, 2019. Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis invites you to join us at 38 Elizabeth Street, Guelph between 11am and 3pm on Friday, February 22, 2019 for an interactive installation of the It Takes a Knitwork community blanket. Numerous community members have dedicated hours to knitting and crocheting over 1,000 eight by eight inch squares that have contributed to an approximate twelve by twenty foot blanket, which represents our broad and connected community support for survivors of human trafficking.

It Takes a Knitwork is a community engagement project designed to raise awareness about human trafficking in our community by initiating conversation and consideration of human trafficking as a local issue. Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis has been collecting donated squares for this project since October 2018. The intricacy of each piece and collaboration across stakeholders symbolize the intentionality, complexity, connectedness and warmth needed to support survivors of human trafficking.

Blankets celebrate life, acknowledge a need for support and are a survival tool. Blankets also symbolize healing, as they provide safety, comfort and security. Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis supports survivors of human trafficking through the Anti-Human Trafficking Program, established January 2018. In one year, the program has served approximately 40 individuals. However, supporting survivors is not something we do in isolation –it requires collaboration and a strong community “knitwork.”

The It Takes a Knitwork blanket will be on display in the Community Room at 38 Elizabeth Street between 11am and 3pm on February 22, 2019. All are welcome to drop in to view the installation.

If you have any questions about the event, accessibility supports, or volunteer information you can contact Jennifer Davies, 519-836-1110 x235 or email at