Kairos Gala


What is Kairos?

The Kairos charity gala is an evening filled with phenomenal entertainment, informative guest speakers, fine food, and additional fundraising opportunities such as silent auctions with luxurious items. This evening is an opportunity to bring together a community as they join our class in supporting three meaningful causes. This evening embodies the Ancient Greek word that is the namesake of the Beyond Borders event, Kairos; this evening is an opportune moment to take action and make a difference.

What is Beyond Borders?

Beyond Borders offers an opportunity for enthusiastic and community-minded grade 12 students to enjoy a unique semester that truly prepares them for the future. The program focuses on leadership development, business, math, global development and sustainability, with an emphasis on team-building, skill development, and experiential learning.

Students get the chance to prepare themselves for post secondary education through the program structure, campus tours and interaction with faculty and students. Students are given the opportunity to network with many professionals within a variety of fields, including education, business, local politics and more. 

Students are shown the varying factors that contribute to a successful company and leader. Students are shown how to become socially responsible leaders through character driven activities that have developed the traits that will help them be better leaders and members of society.